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Mona Evans
Mona Evans • 1 year ago

Little Ghost Nebula. (NGC 6369) (Credit: Hubble Heritage Team, NASA) A planetary nebula in the constellation Ophiucus over 2000 light years away. William Herschel discovered it in the18th century. It's round like a planet, but was actually formed from material ejected by a dying star. What remains of the star is the white dwarf near the center. The nebula's main ring structure is about a light-year across. Mona Evans, “Nebulae” www.bellaonline.c...

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  • Bobbie Guth

    Looks like the watchful eyes of our Heavenly Father.

  • Sandy Gier

    Never saw so many different eyes ! I love other people's eyes, often comment on them. They have always been the first thing I notice. Now I really will look. Love the "stars" and I agree with Bobbie Guth completly !

  • Marc Rakoto-Lahy

    Very beautiful! The pastel colors are incredible! How much of it is software manipulation?

The Fairy of Eagle Nebula Image Credit: The Hubble Heritage Team, (STScI/AURA), ESA, NASA

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