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From a sketch on Saturnday Night Live in response to the Voyager Golden Record. Steven Martin holds up a Time magazine cover of the future! Mona Evans, "Voyagers - the Golden Record`'

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These Rocks are Just so Dense… [Comic]

internet science cartoon and geology humor about rocks not being gneiss - Life throws you curves. Being prepared is everything. Are you

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See Carl Sagan's Childhood Vision of Space Exploration

Carl Sagan's Childhood Vision of Space Exploration

Hoy #xkcd transmitió "en vivo" en comics el aterrizaje de , de a ratos a una velocidad de 12fph (o 12cph: comics per hour) en La secuencia completa del aterrizaje empieza acá: (avanzar/retroceder con las flechas del teclado)

Saturn has 53 officially named moons. Would be a lot of work to take care of them all!


Punctuation Humor

Commas and periods. "'Let's slow down for a second here.' 'We better just stop right now.'" Ahahaha grammar jokes ftw.