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ISS infographic - Happy 15th Birthday. The first International Space Station component, the Russian Zarya module, was launched 15 years ago today, on November 20, 1998. Since then, a consortium of 15 different nations have constructed a world-class orbiting laboratory, with a continual human presence onboard since 2000. Construction was considered officially complete in 2011, but new modules are still planned.

Take a look at the crewed spaceships that have launched astronauts and cosmonauts into space during the first 50 years of human spaceflight in this infographic.

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International Space Rockets NASA Education Poster 24x36

International Space Rockets NASA Rocketry Education Poster 24x36 – BananaRoad

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The 17 Most Spectacular NASA Photos Ever Taken

Space builders aboard the International Space Station. | The 17 Most Spectacular NASA Photos Ever Taken

Space Launch System: NASA's Giant Rocket Explained


International Space Station

The International Space Station

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12 NASA Blueprints For Building Your Own Spaceship

Saturn V Apollo Flight Configuration - credit: Don Sprague, Huntsville Engineering. The Boeing Company, Space Division, Launch Systems Branch, Hunsville, ALA 35807 [1 January 1968]

Is anybody out there? Infographic.

The International Space Station Inside and Out. Follow the International Space Station's (ISS) construction and development history from this infographic provided by

SpaceX Dragon, the first commercial spacecraft to dock with the International Space Station (May 2012).

Infographic: NASA's Z-1 spacesuit could be used for exploring the moon and Mars (Space, PBL)


Apollo’s Historic Lunar Landing

The Apollo Command/Service Module 'Columbia', viewed from 'Eagle', stationed over the moon’s surface during the Apollo 11 mission, 20th July 1969.

Infographic: NASA's 1970s plans for building giant space colonies.

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Infographic: How Mars One Plans to Establish the First Colony on the Red Planet

Mars One mission infographic