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    A full solar halo -- plus a dragonfly -- seen above John Chumack's observatory dome on September 15, 2013. Credit and copyright: John Chumack/Galactic Images.

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    A Brand New “Blue Marble” View of Earth - Europe’s latest geostationary weather satellite has captured its first image of Earth, and it’s a beauty!

    The November 3, 2013 partial solar eclipse is seemingly dripping into the ocean, as seen from Sullivan's Island, South Carolina. Credit and ...

    The star at the center of our Solar System setting, as seen from the International Space Station. Credit: NASA.

    Earth imaged on July 6, 2015 by NOAA's DSCOVR satellite from L1. Credit: NOAA/NASA/GSFC – 187_1003705_Americas_dxm.png (2048×2048)

    India’s MOM Mars Probe Images Earth’s Children Prior to Nail Biting Red Planet Insertion

    The Day the Earth Smiled: Saturn Shines in this Amazing Image from the Cassini Team

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    Oh and I thought I was just looking at the stars at night.... Every single satellite orbiting the Earth / via vuokko

    Fly across the Earth on board the ISS with this timelapse video

    Another Incredible Timelapse from the ISS