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Darmstadt, Germany. At 6.30 p.m. GMT on January 20, 2014, the long-awaited signal says that Rosetta has successfully come out of hibernation. You can see the spike in the spectrum shown on the screen. Mona Evans, "Rosetta the Comet Chaser"

Infographic: European Spacecraft - Plans for putting lander on a comet in historic space feat. Philae's landing happened, though it didn't go exactly to plan. (Credit: Karl Tate) Mona Evans, "Rosetta the Comet Chaser"

A mashup of Rosetta's wakeup videos. ESA asked the public for wake-up videos for Rosetta. They are now saying "The rules were simple: take out your mobile phone and record a ‘selfie’ of you shouting “Wake up, Rosetta!” But you were far more creative than that… " Mona Evans, "Rosetta the Comet Chaser"

A Long and Winding Road: Cassini Celebrates 15 Years - Since launching on Oct. 15, 1997, the spacecraft has logged more than 3.8 billion miles (6.1 billion kilometers) of exploration - enough to circle Earth more than 152,000 times.

Scientists Celebrate Ten Years since Cassini-Huygens Landing on Titan 1/16/15 by Artist concept showing the descent and landing of Huygens. (Image credit: NASA / JPL / ESA) Mona Evans, "Titan - Planet-sized Moon of Saturn"

Voyager spacecraft. Launched in 1977, the twin Voyager 1 & 2 probes continue their journeys out of th e Solar System, sending information home. Mona Evans, "Voyagers - Preparing for the Grand Tour"

Season's greetings from ESA's Rosetta mission. 2014 was a busy year for them. Mona Evans, "Rosetta the Comet Chaser"

Galileo probe descending into Jupiter's atmosphere (visualization), a scene from the Space Show, "Dark Universe". (Credit: ©AMNH) The probe lasted nearly an hour before it was crushed by the pressure. Among its measurements was the ratio of hydrogen to deuterium, which turned out to be as predicted by the Big Bang theory. Mona Evans, "Dark Universe- film review"

#Astronomy: NASA spacecraft New Horizons is currently en route to the #Pluto-Charon system, estimated arrival date July 14, 2015.

Fred Kappel, Chairman of AT speaks to a trans-Atlantic audience during the first live TV transmission by the Telstar 1 satellite, 1962. (Credit: Science Museum, London) Mona Evans, "Telstar - Herald of the Modern Age"