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    Chichen Itza Spring Equinox 2012 | On March 20 and 21, the period marking this years spring equinox, thousands of people will gather in the Great Plaza, the sacred heart of the ancient Mayan city of Chichn Itz, Yucatns famous World Heritage Site to watch the sunset. As the suns rays strike the massive Pyramid of Kukulcan, it begins to reveal its secrets.

  • Deborah K. Miranda

    MEXICO, Chichen Itza: El Castillo de la Serpiente Emplumada, Castle of the Feathered Serpent. A.D. 750-1200. ☾ ☀ ☽During the equinoxes the sun is positioned directly over the equator, and Kukulkán, the Serpent God, descends his temple. The perfect alignment of the pyramid with the sun causes light and shadow to create the illusion of a huge snake gradually slithering down the staircase of the north side of the pyramid, the only side decorated with snake heads.

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    Bob lives to discuss and expound about the wonders of Chichen Itza and other Mayan Ruins in the Riviera Maya Twitter @ChichenItza Bob

  • Alain Togba

    Welcome to NOW, the moment of the fall equinox!  (7:29 PM PDT on 9/22 / 02:29 AM UTC on 9/23) On the morning and evenings of the equinoxes, March 20, 21 and September 21, 22 and for a week prior and following the equinoxes, this incredible display is visible: The sunlight striking the pyramid Chichen-Itza, Yucatan, Mexico casts a shadow on the pyramid's staircase that resembles a species of snake that lives in the surrounding jungle. There is even a serpent's head at the bottom of the staircase to complete the effect.  The west face of the pyramid is aligned with the zenith passage sunset and each of the four staircases on each face of the pyramid have 91 steps, with the final step at the top making a total of 365 steps, the number of days in a solar year. Ninety-one is also the number of days that separate each of the four phases of the annual solar cycle: winter solstice, spring equinox, summer solstice, and fall equinox.  The question is, how did they do this?! In order to make this happen, they must have known that they lived on a sphere and the relative position of the pyramid on the surface of the sphere in relation to the angle of the Sun as the sphere went around the Sun. They must have known from stone one exactly how to lay out this incredible structure in order to align it properly. It's not like they could build the entire pyramid, wait for the equinox and then rotate it into place to achieve this effect.... The Resonance Project • Ancient Explorers • Graham Hancock • The Pyramid Code • Ancient Knowledge •Chichen Itza Mexico • Earth Ancients • Megalithomania• Forbidden Archaeology • Ancient Mysteries • Secrets of Ancient Civilizations • Ancient Civilizations • The Resonance Project - Traduction Française • The Resonance Project - Página Oficial Hispana

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    ChichenItza Equinox 5/23 #mayanruins


    Day 5: Thursday, December 4, 2014 CHECHEN ITZA #DragStarsAtSea Guests can see the famous pyramid or visit more than 50 buildings of this ancient city. These are arguably the most important ruins in the Western Hemisphere, and #ALandCHUCK is going to make it the most FABULOUS adventure ever! #EXPLORE #CRUISE #DragCruise #Rupaul #DragRace #Drag #Fun #Excursion #Chichen #Itza #Mexico #Mayan #Ruins

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