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Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield holds up two objects that look like grenades as part of an April Fools' Day prank. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency/Chris Hadfield ) April 1, 2013. ( They're actual air sampling devices.) Mona Evans, "Astronomy April Fools"

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There Is A Chance We Could Have Pluto Back As A Planet

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7 Ideas for Teaching Space

Earth, Our Moon, and Mars math and science lesson

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Happy April fools

Happy April fools by abriannag on Polyvore featuring polyvore and art

On April 1, 2004 Children's BBC announced that astronomers had decided to rename the planets in the Solar System after characters from the Lord of the Rings. Mona Evans, "Astronomy April Fools"

A New Constellation. April 1, 2003 [Credit: Hugo E. Schwarz (CTIO), NOAO] APOD reported that a new constellation was surprising star gazers. "Ollie the Owl has suddenly started dominating the southern hemisphere.” The bird perching on the Tololo All Sky Camera, which would have been funnier if the bird hadn't scratched the plastic dome. Mona Evans, "Astronomy April Fools"

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In Pictures: The life of Sir Patrick Moore

Sir Patrick never had any formal training and always described himself as an amateur astronomer. He had telescopic equipment in the garden of his Sussex home from which he monitored the night's sky.

The near-Earth asteroid 2011 AG5 currently has an impact probability of 1 in 625 for Feb. 5, 2040, said Donald Yeomans, head of the Near-Earth Object Observations Program at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.

Multiple frame picture of a meteoroid falling? Taken from the helmet camera of a Norwegian skydiver who was narrowly missed by the rock. Coming so close to April 1st, it sounds like a slightly belated April Fool. Experts examined video footage and said it was consistent with a meteoroid. But later it looked more likely that it was a piece of gravel in the parachute. (Credit & copyright: Anders Helstrup) Mona Evans, "Astronomy April Fools"

A April Fools Day conjunction of Pluto & Jupiter, the likes of which you'll never see! (Credit: NASA/JPL/USGS(Jupiter) & NASA?ESA & M. Buie of the SWRI (Pluto)

This dog who was PROMISED the fish wasn’t real: | 17 April Fools Who Just Got Owned