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April Fool in space, 2010. The three-man crew of the International Space Station got a laugh from Mission Control with a photo of themselves spacewalking wearing not space suits, but slacks, T-shirts and sunglasses. (Hope they remembered the sunblock!) They were cosmonaut Oleg Kotov and astronauts Timothy Creamer (USA) & Soichi Noguchi (Japan). Mona Evans, "Astronomy April Fools"

Chris Hadfield's grand April Fools' Day finale shows him posing with an alien that just stopped by the station to say hi. "I don't know what it is or what it wants, but it keeps repeating 'Sloof Lirpa' over and over. Alert the press." (April 1, 2013) Mona Evans, "Astronomy April Fools"

New Lunar Grazing Module (LGM), “a multi-purpose celestial bovine containment system” according to APOD. APOD admits that there aren't any plans to launch cows into space, So maybe that “the cow jumped over the Moon” story was an April Fool. Supposedly, it's an art work named "Mooooonwalk" on display at a popular science museum, but which one? (Image Credit & Copyright: Robert Nemiroff) Mona Evans, "Astronomy April Fools"

Sir Richard Branson flying the Virgin Galactic flag. On April 1, 2011 he announced that he had bought Pluto and had a plan to get it reinstated as a planet. He said, "Virgin has expanded into many territories over the years, but we have never had our own planet before. This could pave the way for a new age in space tourism." Mona Evans, "Astronomy April Fools"

"Mercury's moon." March 31, 2012. It's a small bright spot in the discovery image, taken yesterday by the MESSENGER wide angle camera. The moon is about 70 m (230 ft) in diameter, orbiting Mercury at a mean distance of 14,300 km (8,890 miles). The name Caduceus, after the staff carried by the Roman god Mercury, is proposed to the IAU. (Credit: NASA) APRIL FOOL! Mona Evans, "Astronomy April Fools"


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