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    Lunar eclipse geometry. There are two parts to the Earth's shadow: the penumbra and the umbra. The umbra is darker because Earth blocks the Sun's direct rays, but there is some direct sunlight in the penumbra. You would scarcely notice the subtle darkening of the Moon passing through the penumbra. (Credit: Fred Espenak) Mona Evans, "Lunar Eclipses" www.bellaonline.c...

    Lunar Eclipse


    NASA | Supermoon Lunar Eclipse


    Eclipse in a can

    Lunar eclipse


    Lunar Prospector

    Blood Moon

    A view of Earth from The Moon taken by NASA.

    The Moon 8 x 10inch Photo of Earth's Moon by DeepSpacePhotography

    NASA - Lunar Eclipse April 4, 2015

    This picture compares the sizes of the moons of the different planets and with Earth.

    If the planets were in the place of the moon.

    Crystal clear Moon.