Phases of the Moon. A solar eclipse can only occur at the new Moon because that's the only time that Sun, Moon and Earth could line up with the Moon blocking the Sun from our view. ©Mona Evans, “Solar Eclipses”

HowStuffWorks "Moon Phases". I like that it actually shows the Sun's shadow so students can understand how this works!

phases of the moon

Moon phases explained with Oreos

The life cycle of a moth or butterfly are fairly commonly known, but the life cycle of a star… probably not…

DIY Shadow puppet theater

Phases on the Moon.

4th grade science project on moon phases | Moon Phases | BrainPOP Educators

A great science experiment for kids that are interested in space! #science_fair_ideas #outer_space_activities

Phases of the moon

Phases of the, love, love!

Students will create this diagram showing the phases of the moon. They can use oreos to create this. They can then record the same diagram with markers and eat the oreos, if allowed.

Why Does the Moon Change Shape? (C2, W10)

Science Teaching Junkie: Clearest Way to Teach Moon Phases...EVER!

Moon Madness! If you study phases of the moon, don't miss this great site! More on this post!!

Circuits! 4th grade science! Fancy Free in Fourth

Great video for teaching phases of the moon! wk 10

Moon Phase box- GENIUS!

Sun, Earth, and Moon Model -