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    Geometry of a solar eclipse. Since the Moon is small compared to Earth its shadow is narrow. Any place where the darker part of the shadow (the umbra) falls would have a total eclipse, but within the outer part of the shadow (the penumbra) the eclipse is only partial. Mona Evans, "Solar Eclipses" www.bellaonline.c...

    Make learning about phases of the moon fun and easy with these letters written by Zog, the alien, back to his people on Zipton. As Zog writes he explains all about the phases of the moon. You see, Zipton doesn't have a moon, so this is all very new to Zog!

    Fun Ways to Learn About the Moon and Stars

    Moon phases foldable and worksheets

    Phases of the Moon Interactive Notebook with bonus Phases of the Moon Banner

    Your students will have a "BLAST" while they apply what they have learned about the Moon and Space in these Fun and Interactive Flip-Flap Books!$

    Learn about the phases of the moon with a gross motor game! This easy to set up game has a couple simple variations and is easily adaptable for any age.

    FREE!!!! Comparing the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon Science and Lit

    This play is filled with good scientific information but even better, it's entertaining and fun! Summary of the Play: The Sun thinks he/she is the most important thing in the Solar System and isn't afraid to let everyone know it. With the guidance of each planet, (including Venus, the diva and Saturn, the surfer) and each solar system object, the Sun realizes in the end, that each planet, moon, asteroid, comet, etc. has value. $

    This is an expandable guide about the planets of our solar system! Compact and easy to use, this foldable will display all eight planets and their facts... planetary motions, the Moon, the Dwarf Planets, and other celestial objects (asteroids, meteoriods, and comets) have their own sections on this foldable. An added bonus to this foldable is the Space Exploration Timeline.

    Students draw, match, and cut-and-paste labeled pictures that show each phase of the moon as viewed from Earth in 4 differentiated activities! Meet the needs and various abilities of your students with these differentiated activities! Reinforce and assess their learning by using these fun activities! $ #earth #moon #phasesofthemoon #science #earthscience #magnifyingthescienceclassroom