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Virgo. Shown with wheat sheaf in left hand (Spica) and palm frond in right hand. (From 19th century Urania's Mirror.) "Virgo the Maiden"


Virgo Number 2…

Virgo's got your number ♍

Card 12 Taurus Poniatowski, Serpentarius (i.e. Ophicuchus), Scutum Sobiesky and Serpens - Urania’s Mirror

Taurus the bull, as depicted in the 19th century Urania's Mirror, based on Alexander Jamieson's star atlas. Taurus is an ancient zodiac constellation. Mona Evans, "Taurus the Bull"

Cassiopeia. As depicted in early 19th century in Urania's Mirror. Being upside down doesn't seem to interfere with her fussing with her hair. (Credit: Ian Ridpath) Mona Evans, "Cassiopeia the Queen",

Cygnus. It's one of the constellations whose shape is a plausible representation of what it represents. As shown in 19th century "Urania's Mirror," it's a swan with outstretched wings. ©Mona Evans, "Cygnus the Swan"

Orion the hunter. You can see the hunter with his raised club in this depiction from the 19th century work "Urania's Mirror." ©Mona Evans, "Orion the Hunter"