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  • Jamie Martin

    .seriously laughing for 10 minutes so funny

  • Michele

    Circle of life? How about a circle round house kick to the face motha effa! Lmao

  • This is LMAO

    Get a laugh: Not today | #not, #today, #refused, #deny, #animals, #funny

  • Rachel s

    Funny animal pic haha

  • Dugan Julian

    Every once in a while, the bottom rung of the food chain fights back.

  • Funny Videos

    more funny pics You will find here #funny #pranks #fails #funnyvideos

  • Kathy A

    LIKE a BOSS!!!!!

  • Pintul Radadiya

    funny posters | funny sms | funny videos | funny pictures | funny news: Not Today BITCH

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I laugh every time I see this. I'm pretty sure I pin this like... once a week too...

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I feel great today!

The only man who can call him "Bob Downey" this is perfect. Can you imagine sitting at a table with BOTH of them?!?

Most Powerful Man eh?! What happens when the Most Powerful Woman is unhappy with the Most Powerful Man? You know-!

Why Sweden obviously has the best kind in the world lol! That first picture just gets funnier the more I look at it

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Robert Downey Jr. and the kindest act… I may possibly have teared up a little.

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Oh man! No Bacon is inevitable... but... but... *sob*

Guys are usually standing next to their dates or holding their hands, or even their hip; but then there's Will Smith