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Ummm, my kids would think I was the coolest if I could draw all this :) I am pretty lame usually when they ask for a drawing :)

Hope this works... Sharing from reddit. Would be awesome for the kids! (and me)

This is amazing - so cool! Value/Perspective

drawing lessons from A lot of different lessons including figure and cartoon, with instructions in many languages.

Patterns for cute animal faces. Would be great for cookies. Easter clipart ideas

Inspired By Kindergarten: Writing/How to draw animals. An animal drawing for each letter of the alphabet. Free! This is great for those kids who like to draw.

Landscape painting. Draw with pencil, trace with sharpies, then paint using only lines.

how to draw deer, drawing deer, draw a doe, draw a fawn. Would make a cool intro lesson. Ask Ss, "Watch me and guess what you think I'm drawing." At first they will guess leaf and vase, until you add legs and so forth! Shows how drawing takes on a life of it's own.