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  • Graciela Welker

    Winner, Cultures & Traditions portfolio, Sergey Anisimov

  • Dulce Vasconcellos

    In Yamal, Russia, some 14,000 people live together with their deer herds. They live a Nomadic life and are very hardworking and hospitable... Portfolio - Cultures & Traditions. Winner — Sergey Anisimov, Russia, Travel Photographer of the Year 2011 at the Royal Geographical Society.

  • Patrick Miller

    simplified shapes of the children, amazing colours, the background (forest in gradient white), and that lateral distressing.. excellent texture, and manages to convey a sense of wind blowing snow across and through the children Travel Photographer of the Year 2011 competition: winners' gallery - Telegraph

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A group of Even women in traditional dress in the village of Gizhiga. Northern Evensk, Magadan Region, E. Siberia, Russia

survival for the pueblos of the indigenas (website in Spanish)

Título: Amigos Instantánea: de Nick Brandt Parte de las mejores fotos de Rusia 2012.

I've flown over a scene like this. Beautiful.

Freezing cold: This little girl looks like a traditional Russia doll as she is wrapped up warm - taken by Sergey Anisimov

Tuva, Russia. Child in traditional dress.

classic, gothic, rustic, chic, all at once

This woman is from the Khunty tribe. An endangered indigenous people who live in Russia. Their clothing is beautiful. I have always dreamed of visiting this region of Russia.

from Ladakh - The Last Shangri-la, article and photographs by Thomas J. Abercrombie. March 1978. "The woolen cap on a younger child guards against cold winds, while the amulets and needles that decorate it ward off evil spirits."

Moscow - Facts about Russia - Area: 17,075,400 sq km. The world’s largest country, extending across 9 time zones between the Baltic and the Pacific. The Russian Federation is composed of 83 administrative districts, including 46 oblasts (provinces), 21 republics, 9 territories, 4 autonomous okrugs, 1 autonomous oblast and 2 federal cities. Capital: Moscow. Official language: Russian; local languages in autonomous republics. 135 languages.

Africa | Mali. Woman with an albino baby carrying firewood in Segou.