Between 1768 and 1770, Legros de Rumigny published a five volume work devoted to the art of female hairdressing. In the last years of the 1760’s, woman’s coiffures increased in height and elaboration, and were decorated with ribbons, lace, jewels, artificial flowers, feathers, and small caps. The one hundred engraved plates contained in the complete set of L’Art de la Coeffure anticipate the towering and extravagant hairstyles that characterized the 1770’s. …pg 18

L’Art de la Coeffure des Dames Francoises avec des estampes, ou sont representees les tetes coeffee by Legros de Rumigny 1768-1770

Marie Antoinette's bracelet of cameos & rubies

Saint Catherine of Alexandria, early 15th century French Gold, ronde-basse enamel, jewels

18th century women´s hair

Portrait of a Girl with a Pearl Headdress, c. 1625/35, via Flickr.

Waiter, There's a Hair in my Satire "Fashionable" hairstyles for women began their vertical climb in the late 1760s, and with them rose the ire of social critics. Editorials appearing in London periodicals immediately decried the large headdresses that English ladies were all too eager to copy from their French counterparts.

Mlle des Faveurs a la Promenade a Londres 1770s by peacay

Marie-Antoinette's headdress commemorating a French naval victory in 1778

Marie Antoinette with her hair styled with two feathers and a tuft tied with a ribbon, which hangs on her neck. She has jewels and ribbons on her shoulders and chest.

La coiffure à la Belle Poule 1778

marie antoinette

Head of a Young Girl, by François Boucher

Dresden Academy of Fine Arts | Historical-Dressing 2 4.Studienjahr

1863 Arthur's Home Magazine COIFFURE ALEXANDRA Hair is cut short in the front curled, the little curls being arranged over frizettcs, to give the coiffure the shape indicated in the illustration. The rest of the hair parted down the centre, tied on each side behind the ear, then arranged in as many curls as it is possible so to do. Single roses and leaves are dotted here and there amongst the curls in front, and an ornamental comb, with a flower on each side, finishes the head dress behind...

Grant Thomas / The Ones 2 Watch 2011.


Coiffures 18th century. Various Rococo headdresses and hairstyles.

Legros de Rumigny, "L'art de la coëffure des dames françoises, avec des estampes : où sont représentées les têtes coëffées, gravées sur les dessins originaux de mes accommodages, avec le traité en abrégé d'entretenir & conserver les cheveux naturels," 1768-70 (Met Museum)

L'art de la coëffure des dames françoises, avec des estampes by Legros de Rumigny. He was the hairdresser for the French court of the 18th century including Madame de Pompadour.

La coiffure française illustrée. (1914)