plastic bottle bracelet

This is a recyclable project fitting for Earth Day. Make your own spring bangle from a water bottle with this DIY tutorial.

Bracelet made from plastic bottles

Recycled Soda Bottle Jewelry |

Got Plastic Bottles

How to make garden stakes from recycled bottles. A great #craft project to celebrate Earth Day!


Heather- I finalllly found a DIY project, that I DON'T want to do!!!! Just say NO to denim water bottle carrier w. strap!!!

plastic bottles

Create flower yard decorations out of plastic bottles with this #recycle craft #tutorial!

Plastic bottle people.

Candy wrappers + #recycled bottles = really cool #DIY earrings! Get the how-to here :)

Bracelets from plastic bottles

Bottle Cap Magnets. #diy

Blue Plastic Bottle Dress

Cool DIY project for Earth Day! Transform old mason jars into soap dispensers.

plastic bottle earrings

bottle cap candles

plastic bottle bangle bracelets

Birthday Princess Bracelet |

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