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  • Cristal Box

    Landscape tattoo, Pink hair woman

  • Sharon Lee

    I really really want pink hair these days. And if i was going to get a tattoo it would look a lot like this.

  • Kellie Donovan

    11 - Pink Hair and Haunted House Tattoo

  • myTaT Temporary Tattoos

    Haunted House Tattoo. #halloween #tattoo

  • Susan M

    In another world, in another life, I could be like her, with pink hair and a beautiful scenery tattoo on my back...

  • Lisa H

    Love this...especially contrasted by her hair! shoulder tattoo | back tattoo | illustrated tattoo | historic home tattoo | old house tattoo | tattoo inspiration | tattoo ideas | pink hair

  • Tiffany Lemmons

    This one is awesome with her hair! Pink hair, Graveyard Tattoo

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A Japanese tattoo rendition of "Cerberus", I for one love this ink-job.

This would look really cool with sheet music instead of manuscripts.

Beautiful Tattoo #2 by workmana10, via Flickr

This black piece is just beautiful. Inverted image with roots/veins, etc. I just love it, no description needed.

"Inspired by the spinal surgery that changed the course of my life. Some situations we are put in make us believe that we can’t go on, but it’s those situations wherein we become stronger. I’m so thankful for all the experiences, both good and bad, that made me who I am today. At this point in my life, I have never been happier. Lyrics written by Bowerbirds. Thanks to Rueben at Chameleon Tattoo in Cambridge, MA for his beautiful work :)"

getting this tattoo with the lyric "for the minute there I lost myself" as a memorial.