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DUCK TAPE PENS-PENCILS.these are really fun! there colorful, bright, and useful so theres no reason you shouldnt try to make one!

WEAVED DUCK TAPE PURSE!!!! this was really fun to make i weaved it its silver and rainbow its a really good size it does have a strap. its hard to make but its worth it after all of your hard work!

DUCK TAPE CHANGE POUCH this is a folded change pouch it unfolds really easy into a box for your change! if you want to learn how to make something comment below. i will make a video of how to make what ever you want as soon as i can you can choose any of those items and more just ask. i probablly have made everything you can think of! also any ideas of something to make let me know! PLS COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!p.s theres more pictures to come! comment…

from Mess for Less

Squirt Bottle Painting

What a fun way to paint! Fill up some condiment bottles with paint and squeeze to create works of art.