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"Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything." So true. #Quote #Inspiration #Patience #Attitude #Nothing #Everything

So true Be grateful for what I have, I am blessed whether I acknowledge it or not. MUST REMEMBER THIS EVERY DAY!

Truth. And people wondered why I didn't seem interested when I wasn't treated like I had a place. When I have an opportunity to mentor someone, they will feel appreciated and needed.

Shine on :) People are only as Beautiful as they Love, as they care and as they share. #Beautiful #People #Black_and_White #Love #Caring #Sharing #Quotes #Words #Sayings #Inspiration

Kushandwizdom - Inspirational picture quotes... sometimes people just want to talk and release what is on their mind,..

Always remember this, just because you heard something does not make it this the truth.


Monday Motivation In Pictures

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Happiness is not dependent upon how much you have

think about it.