Abu Simbel Temples, Egypt

Rameses-Temple- Abu Simbel interior


Valley of The Queens Abu Simbel, Egypt

Makadi Palace, Hurghada, Egypt

Hathor temple in Qina/Egypt

Abu Simbel, Egypt

Luxor Temple, Luxor, Egypt

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The Forgotten Temple of Lysistrata, Portugal

Abu Simbel, Egypt

Giza Plateau

Mount Sinai, Egypt

Underwater, Cleopatra's Palace, Alexandria, Egypt

Planetary alignment that will take place Dec 3, 2012 is dead-on alignment with the Pyramids at Giza. Night Sky in Giza, Egypt on December 3, 2012, local time … one hour before sunrise compared with the Pyramids at Giza. Image generated by Starry Night Pro (the same view of the planets can be obtained using any other astronomy program, e.g. Stellarium.

Ngyen Khag Taktsang Monastery, Bhutan


Egypt, Luxor, Karnak Temple