Abu Simbel Temples, Egypt

Rameses-Temple- Abu Simbel interior


Valley of The Queens Abu Simbel, Egypt

Temple of Hathor and Nefertari, Abu Simbel, Egypt

Hathor temple in Qina/Egypt

Abu Simbel, Egypt

Giza Plateau

The Sphinx, Giza, Egypt

The Forgotten Temple of Lysistrata, Portugal

Great Pyramid of Giza and Sphinx, Egypt - Best places in the World

Meditating with Tiger Cubs at Tiger Temple, Thailand . I have never had any Interest in Thailand till I saw this !!!

The best vacation ever.

Easter Island, Chile | Best places in the World

Bangalore, India



Abu Simbel Temples, Egypt, i need to see this... !

Beijing, China

Abu Simbel near Aswan, Egypt