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I sort of love a well-used semicolon.

How to use a semicolon, the most feared punctuation on earth. ~ The Oatmeal The Oatmeal does many awesome comics that range in topic. He also happens to love grammar, and I look forward to the day he publishes a text book.

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What Are the Fourteen Punctuation Marks in English Grammar?

Knowing where and when to use the fourteen punctuation marks can greatly improve your writing skills. There are fourteen punctuation marks commonly used in Amer

English odd facts.. Figured out the lack of future tense a few years ago and it's become frustrating! Great infographic!

English Is Weird Infographic -- Did you know that English is the first language of between 300 and 400 million people. However, only about of the total population of the world speaks English as a native language?

A great way to teach punctuation

Writers Write offers the best writing courses in South Africa. To find out about Writers Write - How to write a book, or The Plain Language Programme - Writing courses for business,.

Oreo Graphic Organizer

Persuasive writing: Oreo

Wilson You might be able to use this for your persuasive writing topic. This is a great visual to teach opinion writing. I think I am going to use it with the prompt: What is the best way to eat an oreo cookie. Each student will then get an oreo as well.

Greek Mythology, Family Tree... Perhaps I can use this when I teach about geneology??? Extension idea perhaps?

Greek Mythology Family Tree

Excellent way to explain paragraph structure

aligned with Common Core Writing Standards 1 & 2 - I would switch the roof and foundation. I think it makes more sense to build from the bottom up. The topic sentence should be the foundation and the closing sentence should protect your paragraph.

Another Pinner Wrote: Trapped! Punctuation game is a super fun online game that provides great practice in punctuation skills.

new ideas + technology FREE ONLINE PUNCTUATION GAME~ Students play Trapped! It's a fun, interactive game from the BBC that provides great practice in punctuation skills. Students can listen or read subtitles.