• Amanda Strong

    Motivation -- Rules to Live By! Think Positively, Network, Exercise Daily, Eat Healthy, Work Hard, Stay Strong, Build Faith, Worry Less, Read More, Be Happy, Volunteer, Relax, Love, Live

  • Linda Li

    Simple ideas for a healthy life. "Think positively...and Exercise daily. Eat healthy. Work hard. Stay stron. Build faith. Worry less. Read more. Be happy."

  • Kristy Lili

    Think Positively. Network. Exercise Daily. Eat Healthy. Work Hark. Stay Strong. Build Faith. Worry Less. Read More. Be Happy. Volunteer. Relax. Love. Live. Inspirational Quotes

  • Didier Gerbi

    I love this quote! I think a lot of the time, we forget that just doing our best in the moment is all that matters. The effort we provide now, manifests into a future closer to our dreams. #fitness #fit #motivation #inspiration #fitspiration

  • Mimi McCaffrey

    Think positively and exercise daily eat healthy work hard stay strong build faith worry less read more be happy...enough said! Words to live by, and remind myself every day. A new year, a new me who is stronger, happier and healthy.

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Lol so true!

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passion . . . it's a good thing.


Nothing but

"A good book has no end." (Indeed.)

A favorite C.S. Lewis quote.


Photographer Credit - love it!


I'd like this in my classroom


Words of Wisdom

Love it!

1 Peter 3:4


caution, purpose, faith


BEAUTIFUL motherhood quote (it's so true.)

Good way to live.


something to remember (indeed)

C S Lewis

Closing my eyes...