Beautiful laptop cover- Valentina Ramos, venezuelan artist

Jill by Valentina Ramos | DecalGirl

Jeremiah Maddock working in his art studio #workspace #montage

BlissfulCASE 3D Gel Skin With Aztec iPhone 5 Skin

Marvelous by Duirwaigh Studios | DecalGirl

Laptop Skin - Mehndi Garden

"Tidal Bloom" another one of my more popular florals. This one is widely used as skins for electronic accessories and was the first design I've had picked up by for the Kindle store.

Hibiscus art by Hawaiian artist Lisa Bongzee

Follow Your Bliss by Duirwaigh Studios | DecalGirl

Skin for Ipad or whatever! Journey's End by Aimee Stewart | DecalGirl

Designer Spotlight : Da Vinci Case

Autumn Mehndi by Ancient ArtiZen | DecalGirl

Funky Floratopia by Ancient ArtiZen | DecalGirl ~ some of my latest artwork now available on device skins for smart phones, tablets, laptops, gaming systems and other devices.

office <3

Oh this wardrobe piece...

This one has a very batik quality to it. by artist Sharon Cummings

Valentina Ramos Groveland Throw Pillow

Independent Holiday Shops - support your local shops

Elasty- phone case

Valentina Audrito's amazing rug

green rug