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      Vets becoming more open to Pet Insurance, because it can save lives. The bottom line shop around and find out what they cover,

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      Pets with Cancer: How to Stimulate your Pet’s Appetite

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    Owner Julie Evans was walking her beagles Harry, and his brother Hansum. She let both beagles go off leash, Harry returned, but his brother Hansum went missing. Harry and Hansum both come from the ...

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    Peanuts Comic Strip Anniversary! On this day June 28th 1957, Snoopy walks on his hind legs first time. "That's one small step for a man; one giant leap for beagles." Originally Named Sniffy, Schulz’s mother wanted the name "Snoopy" (Snoopy is a variation of Snuppa which is an affectionate term in Norwegian.) The Rest is History! Aroo! #beagles #Snoopy #Peanuts

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