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The ultimate office toy, a remote control zombie! Also, the perfect metaphor for your work life. Available for $19.99.

A fun way to let others know what you think of their work inspired by Facebook. Available for $12.99.

Wouldn't it be nice not to stain your desk or spill your coffee all over your computer? Yeah, we think so too. We found it at for $19.99.

A childhood favorite - the gumball machine - turned office accessory, to make your days work a little less soul-crushing. Available for $19.99.

Add these key covers to your office computer keyboard for some laughs with a side of confusion when you forget what key you covered with that smiley. Available for $19.99.

The f-bomb: an excellent (and semi-safe) way to let your boss know how you feel. Available for $45.

Salão Coboi is Apolinário Pereira, visual artist/sculptor, graduated from the University of Porto, Portugal. "Fun" Limited edition of 5 Resin Sculptures, each one with different paint work.