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Leo: I Will - love the part about creation of self

leos are super friendly, caring, and generous. it is very hard not to like you because of your naturally aimable personality. however, you can easily become victims of slander because people can often become jealous of you.

Zodiac signs during confrontations... lol... Scorpios are freaking awesome!

I used to hate people knowing I was a Leo; then it seemed they expected me to be all outgoing. But I'm an #HSP / #INFP so it seemed ridiculous. Truth IS, I AM outgoing - but with a select few, people I trust and like.

Leo Zodiac Print Astrology Wall Art Nursery Gift by DinoAndCo

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In 1969, Poster Prints commissioned Simboli Design to create a line of very graphically strong and colorful zodiac posters, which were were sold worldwide.

Oh my... This is pretty accurate. When I want alone time, I really want to be to myself...