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Beauti-Tone: 1) Soft Suggestion 6K2-1 Relaxing 2) Imperial HD026 Designer Heritage Colours 3) Abracadabra 5111 EC Exterior Colours 4) Scaloppini 6l1-5 Alluring 5) Caffeinated 6G1-7 Alluring 6) Garnet CD028 Designer Classic Colours 7) Sea Escape 4O2-6 Inviting

Beauti-Tone: 1) Imagine 6J1-2 Alluring 2) Imperial HD026 Designer Heritage Colours 3) Sea Escape 4O2-6 Inviting 4) Ripe Oats 5157 EC Exterior Colours 5) Craze 936 Yellow Collection

Beauti-Tone: 1) Northern Breeze 6P1-1 Relaxing 2) Ripe Oats 5157 EC Exterior Colours 3) Imperial HD026 Designer Heritage Colours 4) Chills and Thrills 1Q1-8 Energizing 5) One Of A Kind 708 Blue Collection

Beauti-Tone Color: 1) Trans Atlantic CD043 Designer Classic Colours 2) Mustn't Forget 6H1-5 Alluring 3) Imperial 4) Seared Tuna 6L1-3 Alluring 5) Enigma 736 Blue Collection 6) Focus 917 Yellow Collection 7) Gingerbread 4H3-8 Enriching 8) Carob ND020 Designer White & Neutral 9) Nootka HD015 Designer Heritage Colours 10) Cupcake 1l1-4 Inviting

In the 1960s and 1970s, my parents were an intensely creative pair and could create beautiful and stylish spaces on a minimal budget. Rooms were a backdrop for other artistic endeavours, from hanging dramatic coloured antique textiles on the wall to an arrangement of pieces of modern art. This neutral, yet colourful, palette reflects that mood