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She who is brave is free

"A mind that is stretched" quote

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Positive thoughts.

be careful..this is very true:P

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who you are



Probably already pinned this, but it's so true I will again anyways.


So true.

i won't be, TONY. i will never be like the rest of them. and i won't be pathetic like them and not shout to the world what you are and how you treat people. you said how i was not like ALL those OTHER girls... for one thing, idiot, YOU"RE OLD! THEY'RE NOT GIRLS! THEY're OLD, left-over has-beens who have to flatter idiots to get laid!

true adventure

Cozy Yogi: She's someone who takes time to connect with herself, whether it's on the mat in the studio or in the comfort of her own home—rest & rejuvenation are just as important for her body as they are for her mind.

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