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Animal Farm

Animal Farm – the history of a revolution that went wrong – is George Orwell’s brilliant satire on the corrupting influence of power with cover image by street artist turned art professional, Shepard Fairey.

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Animal farm squealer propaganda essay An Essay on Squealer from Animal Farm. In the book Animal Farm, George Orwell uses the character Squealer to criticize the. His knowledge of propaganda.

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Animal Farm by George Orwell.  Love this book. I also enjoyed the animated film they made in 1954.  It didn't pull any punches like the later adaptation was said to.

Animal farm squealer propaganda essay example Squealer's Role in Animal Farm Essay example 1184 Words Dec 1999 5 Pages The novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell, is an allegory portraying the evils and pitfalls of a totalitarian government.

Anything by Nicholas Sparks...I am in LOVE with this man and his writing!!!

Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks.Not my favorite Nicholas Sparks book, but a good, quick read!

1984-Back in the 70's I couldn't imagine how "big brother" happened-now I realize we have slowly invited "him" into our homes and jobs....

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Read Aldous Huxley's review of 1984 he sent to George Orwell

Read Aldous Huxley's review of 1984 he sent to George Orwell

1984 by George Orwell - The classic novel that defined a genre. Smith lives in a society that in which Big Brother is always watching and even your thoughts are closely monitored by the thought police.

15 new reader-designed covers for classic books - Recovering the Classics project, a collaboration of the Creative Action Network and DailyLit

15 New Reader-Designed Covers for Classic Books

Summer Book List by age :)

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To Kill a Mockingbird: Harper Lee It's hard to believe she never wrote another book. Do you remember who played Boo Radley in the film?

Catch-22 , by Joseph Heller | 32 Books Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Out Loud. This book it's great. Full off hysterical ironies.

32 Books Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Out Loud

Catch 22 Joseph Heller Banned in several states: in it was banned in Strongsville, Ohio (overturned in in it was banned in Dallas, Texas, and in 1979 it was banned in Snoqualmie, Washington.

The universe, or the wonders of creation the infinitely great and the infinitely little by F.A. Pouchet.

Love the title! Cover of 'THE UNIVERSE' [or 'The Wonders of Creation: The Infinitely Great and The Infinitely Little], written by F. Pouchet, with illustrations by A.

1949 ... Big Brother is watching! by x-ray delta one, via Flickr

1984 - George Orwell - The most disturbing book I have read lately. With Big Brother always watching, Orwell paints a society that I hope I never have to experience.

"This is a story about something that happened long ago when your grandfather was a child. " ~The Chronicles Of Narnia | C.S. Lewis

The Chronicles of Narnia (Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics) - The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe, still a fav.