So true! Ha!

This is so true


so true

This is so true

It's true.

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Hahaha isn't this SO true?!


true, very true

very true

Every day of my life!

This is so true!! It's amazing how quickly the "rules" go out the door!! 10 Dog Rules In The House

"Dear Neighbor- This may seem ridiculous, but I thought you should know that my dog (who lives next door with me) is madly in love with your cat... and has been for probably 6 months! Three times a day, he puts his paws on our railing to look at him/her in your windowsill. Now that you have potted plants there, he's heartbroken... but keeps looking for your cat. Maybe plants could switch to a different window?? From Neighbor & her adoring dog! = 2nd pic - For True Love!" ~ Pet Shaming


Preach on, Ina Garten …

all you need is ... pinterest!

We just like to confuse people.