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Ai Weiwei’s most recent work, Forever Bicycles, installs 1,200 bicycles--some hanging from the ceiling, some standing upright on the floor--one behind the other. The bikes have no handlebars and no seats and instead use those parts of the frame to extend upward and outward to connect to other wheels and other frames, creating the illusion of a labyrinth-like space in a three-dimensional area.

Ai Weiwei Piles 1,200 Bikes On Top Of Each Other, For Dazzling Effect

Artist: Ai Weiwei Piles Bikes On Top Of Each Other. The Taipei Fine Arts Museum hosts a large-scale exhibition of the Chinese artist with his new work, "Forever Bicycles.

Train Station - Montreal

Train Station - Montreal

fly away with Diana Beltran Herrera

fly away with Diana Beltran Herrera

Gran Elegandret, by Miquel Barcelo @Union Square, NYC

Gran Elefandret, Sculpture of an Elephant Balancing on its Trunk in NYC

Yesterday I passed by “Gran Elefandret”, a 2008 bronze sculpture by Spanish artist Miquel Barceló featuring an elephant balancing on its trunk that was recently installed in New York Ci…

Another gorgeous one from the Painted Elephant Parade in Singapore

Elephant Parade: Handbeschilderde objecten op schaal, vanaf € 10 - € 259 www.

I'm not realistically suggesting we do something like this, but I love the way they have utilised the depth of the window space when hanging things. We have assumed that we want to display large images of faces, however we could consider smaller images, displayed with more fluidity.

massmoca: Exhibition Making Room is open until January Make sure to stop and see Chloe Ostmos’ installation.