Brilliant! Summer cocktail: Freeze coffee as ice cubes and toss in a cup of Bailey's.

Chilled Baileys served over espresso ice cubes.... perfect end to a Thursday afternoon.

Sweet vanilla almond milk with coffee ice cubes

Grapefruit Margarita

Summer Cocktails

all-food-drink: Never Eat Ice Cream the Same Way Again

Dip strawberries in yummy Greek yogurt and freeze.

Enjoy the campfire classic s'mores in a whole new way! Here's how to turn toasted marshmallows into shot glasses, perfect for serving Bailey's Irish Cream or Kahlua in.

champagne over a raspberry popsicle

This Kentucky Butter Cake is CRAZY moist, buttery and coated with a sweet buttery glaze that crusts the outside and soaks into the cake making it amazing for days. Simply amazing!

Frozen Coconut Limeade....Cream of coconut, minute maid limeade, ice; blend - drink up!! I'm sure even better with RUM

To boost weight loss - 2L water, 1 medium cucumber, 1 lemon, 10-12 mint leaves. steep overnight in fridge and drink every day. Also great for general detox--including clear skin! LOVE THIS STUFF

Protein Frappe Ingredients: 1 Cup Chilled Coffee 1/2 Cup Almond Milk 1 Tsp Vanilla 1 Tsp Stevia Handful of Ice Cubes 1 Scoop Protein Powder Dash of Cinnamon

Coconut caramel Drizzle Pie. Best pie I have EVER made. Seriously....make a head..freeze & serve..perfect!!!

BRILLIANT!!!! Iced Coffee ice cubes so your iced coffee doesn't become watered down.

Tequila poured over lime sorbet with a salted glass rim means instant margaritas!!!

Crock Pot Cinnamon Almonds. Great holiday gift idea! 1 1/2 C. Sugar 1 1/2 C. Brown Sugar 3 Tbsp. Cinnamon 1/8 tsp. Salt 1 Egg White 2 tsp. vanilla 3 Cups Almonds 1/4 C. Water

Simply add any fruit or herb to your ice trays for a decorative touch to your beverage.

pretty ice cubes for cocktails