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Leaf-abstract by liveforphotos, via Flickr

The richness and depth to this photograph of ferns in the Fall takes my breath away! I

Growth is beautiful; when it's painful or difficult, contact for help.

I Like It Wild And Natural...Always In The Country !... samissomarspace.w...

HOJA DE PALMA (PALM TREE LEAF) By SamyColor composition, content, palette, scale

micrograph of leaf veins (or a new suburban development)

Leaf and Petal © 2012 Breadwig Photography

"You will begin to realize that if you contemplate long enough on the leaf of the flower, that it involves the whole universe." ~ Alan Watts

Fertile Leaf [ Frond ] of the fern Adiantum. The brown spots are the Sori [ Collection of Sporangia ] at the edges of the leaflets.

Skeleton Leaf - fragile organic textures pattern inspiration; natural structures; beauty in decay; macro photography