• ellen willibey

    This dumbbell alarm clock will get you up AND get you buff: It shuts off only after you've done 30 bicep curls. NO SNOOZE BUTTON!!!!!

  • Fire Phly

    Wake Up, Work Out Alarm Clock The last thing you may want to do is pump iron before breakfast. That's too bad, if you set this 1.5-pound dumbbell clock ($35, gadgetsandgear.com). It will shut off only after you've done 30 bicep curls. What's more, it has internal motion censors too--so you can't cheat!

  • Michelle Resto-Carlson

    Say goodbye to the snooze button and wake up and work out! Alarm clock that has you do 30 reps to get it to stop.... BAHAHAHAHAHA! how funny!

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