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OMFG armpit hair troll tattoo... This is just STRANGE but funny enough not to share! The hair should be dyed a bright color!! :o | See more about armpit hair, tattoos and troll dolls.

Hope you don't get a sinus infection, asshole. Enjoy having snots oozing out onto your entire face. What a fucking dipshit.

from Bit Rebels

New World Record: The Man With The Most Piercings

Wow! It looks like he's wearing a suit and tie to look professional!

HOW STUPID IS THIS HE/SHE? The Walmart Fashion Fail Awards? - Funny Pictures at Walmart

Weird Faces | spend your whole life looking like this, where everybody treats you ...

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Most Amazing Chandeliers In the World

RELAX PINTEREST! Its only A Chandelier, It Just Looks Like A Penis.