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BOYCOTT COMPANIES THAT TEST PRODUCTS USING ANIMALS -- Buy cruelty-free instead. Testing on animals is not necessary & better alternatives exist. Urge your reps to pass the Humane Cosmetics Act (H.R. 4148) to prohibit animal testing in the U.S. cosmetics industry & gradually eliminate marketing of cosmetics & ingredients tested on animals. The legislation will encourage development of new alternative testing methods & increase use of alternatives that already exist. June 2014


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This beagle puppy is being killed at the end of the experiment. Just in the time you spent looking at this photo, another animal was killed~ THIS KILLING MUST BE STOPPED. There is no need for it! Science is advanced enough to provide alternatives! End animal testing!

Let us speak out against the unbelievable cruel treatment animals are forced to endure. Every second of every day, an animal dies in laboratory testing. EVERY SECOND!

every time you buy make-up and cleaning products that do not say "Not Tested On Animals", YOU are paying for animals to be tortured.

Each new batch of these products is tested on animals. Don't buy products that are tested on them!!! Visit for list of animal- and non-animal- tested brands.

These poor babies are tied down to test sunscreen. It gets hotter and hotter and they burn. If you buy products tested on animals, this is what your money is supporting.

Companies that do animal testing

These companies use animals to test their products, torturing them, hurting them, in severe pain, please read your labels!!!!! Boycott slavery and murder

Look at his poor little face and I dare you to tell me he doesn't have the same fear humans have. Stop buying products that are tested on animals!