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"Charlie Mariano," Label: Bethlehem BCP 1022 10" LP 1954, Design: Burt Goldblatt

Oh, just an hour or two...I have a beautiful drawing and paint set that my daughter gave me. Bought an easel 2 years ago. Sad so sad

Lee Morgan: Candy   Label: Blue Note 1590   12" LP 1958  Design: Reid Miles   Photo: Emerick Bronson

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Bunny Plays Bix LP cover, 1955. Illustrator unknown.

2013 / A record cover from the fictional cult I created for an exhibit called “Observer of the Upcoming Change” a collaboration with the Philosophical Farmers in Berlin

Modern Jazz Piano:Four Views LP, 1957

whenimetrobin by austin1227, via Flickr art by Aurelius Battaglia

Bethlehem Records - jazz album covers