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One of my favorite GIF sets. (Click to view.) o-o

Harry Potter

im dying

Emma Watson is amazing.

HP baby

Why so Sirius

do it yourself divas: DIY: Harry Potter Snitch Ornament, so cute!

Harry Potter minimalist movie poster

Death Eater propaganda

wanted alive for aiding and abetting rebel resistance.

Hahaha, nice wit, Dan.

Must read for any Harry Potter fan. At first I thought I was betraying JK Rowling, but read she also read them & supported his writings. This is the first book of three.

Slytherin traits explained

How much would it cost to go to Hogwarts?

Hogwarts Textbooks!!!


votingmod: Sorting Cheat Sheets

Harry Potter Lexicon

Harry Potter Books Cake

Ron's mug shot

this is awesome. but they spelled her name wrong. it's "ginevra". still badass.

Death Eater Propaganda

YAY! Go Rupert!!!