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why I am like a #cat // I want to go #out // now that I'm out I want to go back in // #letsgetwordy

I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have but it made me laugh too hard to pass up

I laughed way too hard at this. more funny pics on facebook:

O my gosh. I was just in belles castle I'm Disney world today!!!!

yes,indeed it of them,lol

Ha. isn't that the truth..wonder if the kids would accept a pin board for

Avoiding these types of people is not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of genius, there is actually some real truth in this.

I used to work retail. How do people live with themselves when they act like entitled tantrum throwers? I could take up several pages with stories of customer horrors. And yet, working retail pays so little....

... or upset, or stressed... or procrastinating... and I wonder why my debt never seems to shrink? ;)

For working in retail, I totally know how that feels.

ha ha! there were days or people who this applied to when I worked in retail. However, I usually tried to understand people's frustration and that went a long way!

shopping makes it all betterrrr denise grant Kelly you should tell this to your brother & his friends next time they chirp you for shopping off a bad mood!