Colored Hair Streaks (non-permanent hair 'chalking')

Use oil pastels on sections of hair, then coat with hairspray. - Temporary color for brunettes. i want this color in my hair permanently. not with oil pastels

SO DOING THIS WITH Kayden hopefully it will get her off my back about dyeing her hair when she's older

How to Hair Chalk Today!

DIY Hair How Tutorial - You'll need: Soft pastel chalk. We picked this giant set up from a local craft store! A small spray bottle filled with water A flat iron or curling iron Rubber gloves A old towel or t-shirt you don't mind getting color on.

The latest thing: hair chalking. Cute, huh? Use either soft wax pastels or even sidewalk chalk ($6 at Michael's), apply to wet hair ends, let dry, then set with heat (curling iron or flat iron). Click the pic to go to a tutorial video on YouTube.    Elle if youre going to be a ring leader for halloween again we are doing this to your hair

It's actually done with oil pastels. Just rub the pastel crayon on a small, damp section of hair. Then hit it with the curling iron. (I've also done it on my dry hair. Just wet the pastel and rub it on!) Great for temporary hair color

<3<3 the color!

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black/mahogany ombre

This red ombre is actually beautiful for dark haired girls! I'm usually quite anti dying my hair and have never tried red but this looks amazing! I want! I want my long hair back! I would so do this!

how-to-curl-hair the right way... --I am terrible at this!!!

how-to-curl-hair the right way...hmmm

This could be cute with curls. Love the hair color how-to-curl-hair curly hair bob haircut

Capelli Rosso Tiziano - Un bel rosso medio che si sposa bene con quasi tutti i colori di carnagione

Love the color. I wish my red hair was a little brighter like this. akwaldron Love the color. I wish my red hair was a little brighter like this. Love the color. I wish my red hair was a little brighter like this.

Personalizzato per Sarah  Ciao caduta seta di rubyblueinc su Etsy

Custom for Sarah - Hello Fall Silk Rolled Rose Headband with vintage brooch

Items similar to Triple Rosette Headband with Vintage Brooch Center - mustard yellow, brown and ivory by Ruby Blue inc. on Etsy

"Curly Hair Is Finally Back In Style:  Roller Setting Techniques To Create Voluptuous Curls" ...How To Correctly Roll Your Hair!

Roller Setting Techniques To Create Curls; tells you which way/how to roll to get curls you want. This is one way I curl my hair!