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หมู่บ้านพฤกษา 28

People think, do, say and feel what they want and I can’t stop them. Why give a rip? My decisions aren’t about them. I do what I must to maintain a life integrity, not for or against them. "Had you figured into to my thinking you would have been made aware firsthand. My world doesn’t revolve around you and I apologize if I lead you to believe it did. Not my intent. I never gave you any consideration." The audacity of some people to be so self-absorbed is ridiculous. Get over yourself.

I need to learn this lesson. I always seem to think that people are worth the time, and everyone has some good in them. But life is beginning to beat it into my skull that some people don't give a damn what good is buried in their depths, and are perfectly happy to live shallow, negative lives. Must stop trying to "reach out" to these people

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15 Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through The Week

Johnny Depp Quote. Oh my God, yes. Just... Yes. I need a board just for Johnny. He's just that DEPP. Get it? Like "deep!"<<< LOL XD