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DIY Watercolor Mugs

These mugs are so pretty! All supplies from the Dollar Tree! Click through for the super easy tutorial!

10-Minute Mugs: 7 Easy DIY Mug Tutorials

10-Minute Mugs | Tips, Tricks, and Designs for Making Beautiful Mugs in a Flash | 7 Tutorials and 18 Patterns to Make Mug-Making Easy

Dollar Store Hack: Marble Mugs Using Nail Polish

To make these gorgeous DIY Marble Mugs, all you need to do is pour nail polish into a container of warm water and dip your mug inside to create this cool design. It takes a little practice (and patience) to get the technique down but it’s well worth the effort.

DIY Sharpie Mugs Using Dollar Tree Mugs

How to make DIY mugs using cheap mugs, OIL based sharpies, and letter print-outs or stickers. Bake @ 150c for 2 hours. An easy and beautiful gift for almost anyone.

How to Watercolor Paint on Fabric

Use this tutorial to permanently watercolor on fabric! This makes beautiful pillows and so much more!

15 DIY Sharpie Mug Projects - Make these mugs as gifts or maybe just for yourself. Here are 15 of the cutest DIY Sharpie mug ideas you can find!