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zoeee. :(


there is nothing wrong with that.

ha. #69. coincidence?

it won't.

i am paying them more than enough..

oh hey.

i beg to differ.. those squirrels rock.

is there any other way?

i see someone i know every single day. it's great. :)

love my uggs. :) i want at least three more pairs.

and then i have all day for activities. :)

eff those. might as well not even take them.

do. not. go. to. college. with. a. boyfriend. more often than not, it is a huge waste of your time and effort.

"i'm not drinking tonight".. ha. yeah right.

english teachers are the worst.

ehh.. pros and cons. probs not worth it.

it's fine.


love. ♥

i should not even have a phone 100% of the time..


so stupid.

that's me.

i only stalk people i know are hundreds of miles away while in public. :) i'm so smart.