Beautiful Japanese garden that was shoehorned into the beginning of Infinity Blade II

Infinity Blade - the groundhog tower of grinding repetition

Trademeet, Baldur's Gate II

Reprisal universe aims to “re-introduce gamers to the original, simplistic genius of the early ‘god’ games.”

'Memory of a Broken Dimension' - concept shots from an indie title about which little is yet known. First person puzzler that messes with movement and controls.

Midgar, Final Fantasy VII

Subway Surfers, my favourite mobile game ever, brings 3D graphics and great animation to freemium casual gaming on the iPhone. In this game, the virtual and physical playspace are similar - it's a game about trains that you play when commuting.

Reprisal_3 by tigsource, via Flickr

Emergent architecture in Dwarf Fortress, with fan-built 3D rendering

Oblivion imperial city with mods

Harsh, mountain terrain forms a halfpipe in the shape of Hokusai's great wave in SSX