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    van Gilder Pottery - Glaze & Slip Recipes

    "using an underglaze of 3–4 parts Gerstley borate to one part Mason stain by volume. This recipe is really more commonly used as an overglaze, but it works fine on leather-hard pots as well. Because there is no clay or opacifier added, the color is more intense than in a traditional underglaze or slip."

    bubble glaze technique - Dip entire piece in glaze color #1. In tall yogurt cup mix 1-2 inches of glaze #2 with one squirt liquid hand soap. Using a regular drinking straw, blow bubbles in the yogurt cup mixture until bubbles overflow and fall down one the pottery piece. Let glaze dry. Using flat hand lightly pop all the bubbles. Fire! You can also bubble on a third color if you'd like.

    Flendrivka-rareUkrainian pottery decoration style - YouTube... Wow, I can't understand anything he's saying, but what a great slip trailing technique!

    Chun glaze • read the comments for the recipe. Love the color on this glaze. Would be great for globes. Maybe with some celadon green for land shapes.

    Popping a Glaze. quick technique for glazing inside and outside of a form fast without wax. pottery ceramics clay video tips

    Glazing for Success: 12 Tips to Help You Master Pottery Glazing

    Mixing glazes - Lakeside Pottery tips

    Emily Murphy pottery blog full of great tool ideas. The tool in this photo is a great idea, foam bat with marked circles for centering pieces.

    Stop messing with the water in your glazes! Here's the solution to perfecting consistency. Deflocculated and Flocculated Glazes

    Chūn glaze (Emanuel Cooper recipe) Really for cone 8-9, but I fire 10 – 11 with this glaze. Potash Feldspar 46 Dolomite 6 Zinc Oxide 6 Whiting 10 China Clay 2 Silica 30 Bentonite 1 This works well for me over a variety of tenmoko glazes or iron bearing slips.

    elmers glue resist- and many more good ideas, inspirations, glazes, etc. (Fine Mess Pottery)

    Glaze Recipes and Expert Tips for Great Pottery Glazing Results

    how to make a better homemade sink trap for your pottery studio.

    How to Make a Glaze - This video shows you how to take a recipe in a book or magazine and turn it into a glaze you can fire in your kiln. Materials, tools and glaze mixing methods are shown.

    Mixing Pottery Glazes | Pottery Making Blog

    How to get subtle stripes when glazing

    Sagar firing process

    Glazes and underglazes. Catalogue shows low, mid, and high fire results for the underglazes.

    Cone 6 Glaze Recipes | Great Mid Range Pottery Glazes | Oxidation

    glazes cone 6