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    Let's Talk Wood: The REAL Blue John Hesselberth's Waterfall Brown 4 base ingredients with 4% Copper Carb and .5% Cobalt Carb. on a very dark clay

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    So show Dad some love this Father's Day with a feast of his favorite foods. Here are 25 Father's Day Favorites to share! Lots of great ideas! Here's the best recipe you will ever find! :)

    Underglaze Mix

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    PA Frogskin Custer Feldspar 22 Gerstley Borate 22 Neph Syen 22 Silica 26 Wollastonite 3 EPK 3 Titanium Diox 2 Red Iron Oxide 3 Copper Carb 4 Bentonite 2

    Rosemary Float

    Sherman’s Satin Matte

    Chun Blue

    Learn to Make a Cathedral Windows Rag Quilt with This Free Pattern

    Blue-Green/Copper Red Glaze cone6 reduction

    Lava glaze test Marilee’s Lava Glaze Cone 6, oxidation or reduction Glaze Material Whiting 23.91% Custer Feldspar 49.73% Edgar Plastic Kaolin (EPK) 13.18% Silica (Flint) 13.18% Total: 100.00% Add: Titanium Dioxide 11.29% Silicon Carbide 3.4%

    Kari Radasch- wonderful redware- clay, slip, terra sig., and glaze recipes. Colour! (low fire obviously)

    Scott Dooley's Glaze Recipe cone 5

    Cone 06 runny glazes

    Scott Dooley's Glaze Recipe

    waterfall blue variation

    Over the engobe

    Lots of pdfs with glaze recipes

    Peter's Pottery: Cone 6 glazes, bowls, tiles, and tomato sex!!

    Cone 04/05 Crunchy green glaze W/Beads 20 Bone Ash 30 Wollastonite 20 Borax 10 Sand 10EPK 10 Silicon Carbide 1 Chrome Oxide Beads 33.3 Magnesium Carbonate 26.7 Borax 33.3 Gerstley Borate 6.7 Silica 6.7 Zircopax

    Beads Base Glaze cone  05 Gerstley Borate 33.3 Silica 6.7 Magnesium Carbonate 33.3 Borax 26.7 100 Zircopax 6.7 Added 0.5% Chrome oxide

    feldspar potash 50 china clay 25 whiting 25 vanadium pentoxide 5 silicon carbide 5 lithium carbonate 5 for colour a wee bit of cobalt carbonate and copper oxide does well. apply in the consistency of mayonnaise ! on a buff stoneware body

    Glaze Recipe Sample Tile Test Tile Frozen Blue Cone 6 Mid-Range

    Cone 6 Glaze Recipes | Great Mid Range Pottery Glazes | Oxidation