• Kim Tyler

    just funny; front door sign....

  • Andrea Harper

    I want this for our front porch... our house is the first one in the subdivision, so despite the neighborhood "No Soliciting" signs, EVERYONE still knocks on our door!!

  • Beth Gaines

    No Soliciting sign, unless you have girl scout cookies....

  • Michelle Rodeck

    haha so funny. I just told my hubby that we needed to post a no soliciting sign on the door. I think this one will work!

  • Raquel

    Ok, not really an inspirational quote but made me laugh at loud. We have a LOT of solicitors here. Just funny.

  • Paulette Curry

    "No Soliciting" sign for house. (I need this to keep the Jehovah Witnesses away! They love to wake me up on Saturday mornings to give me their "Awake" magazines. Not funny!)

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