Tape 6 different MESSED UP sentences and glue them onto a tissue box. The kids “roll” the box, read the sentence, write it, and then revise it. Great for a writing center!

This Is A Fun Game For Learning To Write A Complete Sentence. Identifies Subject And Predicate.

Types of sentences anchor chart. Different sentence types.

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Sentence surgery - my KinderCuties will LOVE this!

Welcome to The Schroeder Page!: Roll a Story

Synonym rolls, love this!!

Cute idea for word work

Work on Writing stations

FREE "How To" writing ideas

grammar lesson

How to Teach Descriptive Writing with Show me Sentences - This is like the "Box and Explode" - where I have students find a sentence that needs to 'show' more in a story, they box it, then explode it! I like the strategy explained in this article and will use it independent of their story to help students learn how to do it before applying it!!!!!

Whole class journals..each student can write in them on a certain topic and the class can read them at different time. Great 'I'm finished early' activity & Great for the writing center! Also for daily 5!

Teaching the English Punctuation System

6 traits writing, love the entire blog. Not just this idea!

Trapped! Punctuation game is a super fun online game that provides great practice in punctuation skills.

First Grade Writing Sentences Worksheets: Sentence Skills Practice

Finished? Try one of these... - Printables for a classroom display idea providing extension tasks and review activities.

Students formed groups of three or four and collected their materials. Each group received a disposable plate with three sections. The sections were labeled “prefix,” “suffix,” and “root word.” Finally, groups were given a bag of big words. They used scissors to cut the words into parts and drop each part into its respective section on the plate.

8 whole class journals for the students to write in. Select 8 students each week to write in one of the journals. The next week, 8 different children will be selected to write, and so on. By the time were finished, each journal should have about 25 different entries written in them. Students will be able to read what their classmates have written as well.

Sight word assessment. Words are typed into a power point so the kids don't get overwhelmed by the long list.