CHAIRS = inner tubes wrapped in fabric. Kind of genius. For playroom

DIY Tire Tube Seating

clever OUTDOOR seating made from old tires painted and given some padding! The seat cushion could be removable for storage too. SO WONDERFUL IN SO MANY WAYS

Have a bucket of "Reading Buddies" for silent reading time. :)

This is a perfect Dr. Seuss canvas for a reading corner/nook. If only I could find the real diy link for this pin..

Child's PVC Pipe Chair Pattern, have to buy, but super honey can make similar!

DIY Bookshelf Chair

Pool noodles on the springs.. GENIUS

Globe classroom light

dr seuss classroom decorating ideas | classroom p s i have a secret board of all my next classroom ideas ...

Fun chairs to make for the kids - let them each choose their own fabric!

floor cushion- kids playroom.

Fun craft to make with your little ones.

Easy quilt tutorial no binding. How to sew together 3 layers of fabric for blanket and not have to bind it.

repainted chairs, pick up some plywood, long pillow, and some pretty fabric a staple gun and waalllaaa a cool bench!

I kinda want to do one of these. I think I could do them all each day, besides make my bed. I am not making my bed, screw that.

A simple and beautiful hand-stitch for fabric. My grandma used to make pillows with this hand stitch !

put a glowstick (bracelet, necklace kinds) in the balloon before you blow it up, fun for a nightime party! =)

Fabric Mosaic -- fun for a whole lot of reasons

picture frame chair how-to