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    Pomeranian + Husky = Pomsky. Oh my god soooo cute! I want I want I want!!!

    • Kayla Ludwig

      omg omg!! pomeranian + husky = pomsky. I would call him Pomerusky. So cute. Never seen one of these #pomsky #pomeranian #husky #dog #cute #puppy #love

    • Tenley Bevins

      Pomsky= pomeranian + Husky, I am not a big designer dog person but seriously who wouldn't want a dog that looks like a husky puppy that never grows up

    • Rey Rain

      husky in small dog form-this is perfect! pomsky = pomeranian + husky. I THINK I JUST FOUND MY PUPPY!!

    • Sandra Gutierrez

      pomsky = pomeranian + husky I must own this puppy. Nicole and i will own this dog when we get an apartment! we dont care the price!! were gonna steal it anyhow!

    • Christian Wagner

      well now i know what dog i'll be getting! ahhhh. #pomeranian #husky #pomerhusky #mix #puppy

    • Debbie Kane

      A Pomsky - Pomeranian Husky. Love this! Want one...but how does one breed those two dogs?

    • Brandon Thompson

      Pomeranian/ husky mix. A "Pomsky". Next dog I get I'm not even fucking kidding. I want it!

    • Shelby Evans

      Pomsky = Pomeranian + Husky.... I need one of these adorable animals..

    • Mackenzie Holliday

      Pomeranian+ husky= POMSKY! AKA: THE CUTEST THING EVER!

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